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Team Biographies

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Ron Hartzmann

Photo in Sun Valley,Idaho Ron has been teaching ATV Safety for over 10 years and is an ASI Chief Instructor. He is also a ROHVA Driver Coach and a DriverCoach Trainer. Ron has taught across the nation and internationally including Germany,Sri-Lanka and Australia. So for ATV's and ROV's he not only teaches to the public, military, 4-H Leaders, etc he also trains the new instructors. He has also worked with the Yamaha Corporation as a Safety Consultant at major nationwide events.

Wild Horses

Take a tour with us and get a chance to see some incredible wildlife in the Owyhee Mountains. Free roaming horses, antelope, coyote, deer and more. They're all part of the "team". After the safety training we'll take a ride over Reynolds Mountain to historic Silver City, Idaho.

Chris Marsh

Chris is a certified ASI Instructor and has been teaching the RiderCourse for over 7 seven years and recently became an ROV DriverCoach. He is a great mechanic and an important asset to have on the team in case of an ATV or ROV breakdown.

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